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Here are some of my terms of business affecting relationships with you and any third parties. Terms printed here cover any business relationship I may have with you or any third party from time to time at my sole discretion. For a list on how this may affect you please email me.

In the event you wish to use any photograph or video or audio clip from this or any other web pages in my ownership I reserve the right to charge you a licence fee.

If you write to me and request a reply I reserve the right to make a charge to cover the cost of my reply. In the event you write to me and demand a reply or you charge me a fee for any reason I reserve the right at my sole discretion to charge you a fee in return of at least double the amount you charge me. Please note I shall demand payment of such a fee plus VAT within seven days after which interest shall accrue at 15 per cent per day. I reserve the right to pursue the debt you incur through any court in any jurisdiction in any territory without limitation. The fee I charge may be charged by me at any time and to any person company or entity including but not limited to any with whom I have a contractual relationship. Any fee I charge does not give you or any third party any right to charge me any fee in return. By writing to me in any form you accept this without limitation.

I will always treat you or any third party fairly and am always open to fair discussion to resolve any matter which may be in dispute between us.

The above is without limitation and is without prejudice to any other terms of trade or any clause in any contract between us.

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